The Fifth Rule Week #3: Summarizer

Trent Arnold                                                     ENG2DAP
This week’s chapters were jam packed with drama, and I think that this led to a very interesting read. We start off with Reef talking on the phone with Brett (Leeza’s friend) and they speak about Leeza. The fact that Reef called Brett instead of Leeza herself highlights the hesitation that Reef still has when it comes to Leeza. Reef then catches Leeza leaving her house and follows her to the mall where he sees her with another man. Leeza was actually at the mall seeing her father, that we know has a rough past with Leeza’s family. Leeza was very much skeptical about the meeting, and was uncomfortable at times. By the end of the interaction, Leeza significantly more warmed up to the thought of her father back in her life. When Reef sees Leeza with her father and thinks he is Leeza’s boyfriend, he heads to the airport to catch a late flight back to Calgary. When Leeza get’s back to her mother’s house, she avoids talking about her trip to the mall in order to keep it a secret and later thinks over what her father said and how he acted. Most importantly, she asked herself “why would he come back now?”. Reef get’s a call at the airport before buying a ticket and it turns out to be Matheson (Friend/Mentor) calling to let Reef know that Roland Decker (Politician/Enemy) has a court hearing for the removal of the North Hills school where Reef used to attend. Reef then leaves the airport to meet Matheson and go to the hearing. Back to Leeza’s situation, her mother finds the home phone with call history from Leeza’s father, and finds out that Leeza has been meeting with him. She is very upset with her daughter and when Leeza’s father calls again, and Leeza leaves to go meet him for an unknown but urgent reason Leeza’s mother is stunned. At the court hearing, Reef is invited to the front to answer Decker and his lawyer’s questions. Reef’s words were quickly manipulated, and the fact that he broke his restraining order was released without much effort on the lawyer’s part. Reef then storms out of the court, but maintains composure when greeted by the media on his way out. To end the week’s reading, Leeza makes her way to the beachfront with her father, who is clearly distressed. Leeza is extremely interested in what her father was going to say, (as was I) but the chapter was left with leeza running away crying without any explanation. This was a cliffhanger meaning we will learn the news next week. I think that this week developed Reef’s character through his actions in the courthouse, he still gets angry with good reason, but he is not going to hurt himself or others due to his emotions. Leeza is experiencing similar situations with Reef and her father. She likes Reef deep down, but with the news clip she saw she has started second guessing herself. Her father left her at a young age and she does not know whether or not to trust him, and the next few chapters will most likely resolve some of our curiosities.

The Fifth Rule Week #3: The Connector


Events from Book Types of Connections Connection
Reef keeps changing his mind about whether or not he wants to see Leeza. Text to self To Reef, this is a very important decision and it could turn out fine or be a huge disaster. When a decision is that important, I tend to hesitate a lot because I want it to turn out good, but I’m afraid of the other possible outcome.
Leeza’s father tells her that he wants to make up for all the years he wasn’t there for her. Text to text In the TV show Scorpion, Paige’s ex-husband, Drew, comes back to Los Angeles to see his 9-year-old son, Ralph, because he wants to make up for all the years he wasn’t there but Paige doesn’t want to trust him again.
Reef gets caught in his lying in court. Text to world This happens a lot in courts, witnesses swear to speak the truth and nothing but the truth but they lie. Not all of them are caught lying, but a lot of witnesses lie.


What has happened previously in the book? Predict what will happen as the book continues.
Reef gets angry at decker and is leaving the court. Reef will shout and swear at the press on his way out.

The Fifth Rule Week #4: Summarizer

The 25th chapter starts off with Matheson running after Reef. Reef told him he was going to get Decker back sometime soon. He was already having a bad before he met Mrs. Powell, Frank’s sister, but she made his day hit rock bottom. She told him that he was Frank’s biggest mistake.

On Leeza’s side of the story, Carly sits down with Leeza in the staff lounge and they discuss the reason for Leeza’s sadness. Leeza explains that her father said that her stepbrother has cancer and needs a bone marrow transplant. Leeza was a possible match. Leeza told her father that he wasn’t there for her sister when she died and now he is here when is son is in danger. Carly then tells Leeza that it’s her choice but she should see Reef. Carly and Brett explain to her that Reef loves her and show her videos of the funeral that weren’t cut.

Reef goes to Zeus’s house and smokes a joint after staying off drugs for more than 2 years. Bigger and Jink are surprised that he is smoking. They try to get him to Matheson’s house but Reef makes them pull over and let him out. He ends up buying a bottle of rum and drinking it in the park despite being told repeatedly not to. He throws the bottle and it shatters on the ground. He picks up a rock near the broken bottle and puts it in his jacket to make Decker pay for what he did.

Leeza is trying to call Reef while she is walking home but his phone is turned off. As she approaches her house she finds two big men waiting next to a blue car. When she passes next to them they grab her and try to get in the car. After a struggle they finally get her in the car. They tell her that they are not going to hurt her and they need her help. They were Bigger and Jink. She calms down and agrees to help them find and talk to Reef out of doing anything stupid. She assumed he was at the park, so they go to the park where he was drinking but he was long gone and they find the broken bottle and a hole in the ground where the rock was.

The Fifth Rule Week #4: Passage Master

Passage Explanation/Significance
 There is a sudden silence, and Leeza hopes a home hardware employee has finally run Brett to the ground. But no. “He said that he’s thought of you every day for the past two years, Leeza. What more do you want?” I have been waiting for Leeza to finally see the truth behind what Reef said at Frank’s funeral, and this is it. Brett sends her links to the video where he says all of the nice things about Leeza, and this will make Reef look a lot better than he did in the clip that her mom showed her.
  And in less than twenty minutes in that courtroom, all that was stripped away. What had Frank’s sister said afterward? You’ve tarnished his name and everything he worked so hard for. Well, she was right about that. He has tarnished Frank’s name. But he’s had help. From Roland Bernard Decker. This passage is a summary of all the thoughts going through Reef’s head after the hearing. At this moment he stops blaming himself for what has happened, and turns to Decker. I believe that this is hinting at a confrontation between Reef and Decker.
 She points to the broken on the ground near where the backpack had been, the shards of glass evidence of a violent end. But it isn’t the ruined bottle that catches her attention. It isn’t the insects buzzing around the remains of the rum that draw her eyes to the grass. It’s the nearly circular hole in the ground where a rock lay only a short time ago, a glistening worm at it’s centre still struggling to evade the sudden sun. This passage ends off this weeks reading with a bang. Leeza and the boys are looking for Reef in the park but all they can find is the items his drunken self left behind, and a spot with a missing rock. This is obviously a frightening sight for Leeza, who is the victim of Reef’s previous rock rampage.


The Fifth Rule Week #5: Word Wizard


Page # Word, Phrase, Or Passage Reason for Selecting Word, Phrase, Or Passage Why did the author select this word or phrase? What is the author trying to say? How does the diction help the author achieve his or her purpose?
227 He knew he’d be  guilty of something the minute his grandfather opened the door, even if it was just breathing. I chose this passage because it shows how badly Reef was treated and what caused him to drink and do drugs. The author chose this passage because it clearly shows how cruel Reef’s grandfather is. He is telling us the Reef’s grandfather will shout and swear at him everytime he sees him even if he didn’t do anything. It has a simple meaning and demonstrates its purpose clearly.
229 … and she can almost hear the diminutive brunette now … I chose this word because it is a strong word with a funny meaning. The author selected this word because it shows that the woman was small or tiny in a funny way. He is trying to tell us that Val was a small woman. This particular word gives his sentence a sarcastic sense in an intense situation.
233 I’m glad you called, said Frank. I’m proud of you, Reef. I chose this phrase because it is a very important moment in Reef’s life. He could go to prison or just turn around and avoid all this. The author chose this phrase to show us that Frank had a very huge effect of Reef’s life. He is trying to show us that Frank really was proud of Reef and that means a lot to Reef. The phrase is simple yet meaningful so it can touch our hearts and explain how Frank’s opinion meant a lot to Reef.
234 Reef hears the emphasis on the word, clenches his jaw. I chose this word because it shows that Reef is really angry at Decker and that he wants to hurt him. The author chose this word to show us how much Reef was angry and disgusted at Decker’s taunting. He is trying to say that Reef is squeezing his jaw from anger. The word is simple and sounds like its definition.
243 Her heart pounding, she looks up and sees everything she’s feeling mirrored in his eyes. I chose this word because it shows how nervous Leeza is. He selected this word to show that Leeza had been waiting for this moment for a long time. He is trying to say that she is breathless because the kiss was better than anything she imagined. The word helps the author express that the kiss was romantic and Leeza had been waiting for it for a long time.

The Fifth Rule Week #5: Illustrator


The picture above is a drawing of a scene on page 245 in The Fifth Rule where Reef Kennedy and Diane Morrison are sitting the waiting area in big hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. They are waiting for Leeza to enter the operating room for a bone marrow harvesting procedure. Reef is reading a magazine since Diane refuses to speak with him. She doesn’t like or trust Reef, and if not for honouring her husband’s request, she wouldn’t be sitting in the same room as Reef. The scene is very intense because Diane just wants to scream at Reef. She does not approve of his relationship with her daughter, Leeza.


word wizard week 3

Page Number Quotation Reason for selection How it is relevant to the story

104 But her mother had thrown him out seconds later, then turned and sneered The reason I selected this word was because it really describes how upset Leeza’s mother is This really shows how upset Leeza’s mother is that Reef almost ruined her daughter’s life. (Reef caused Leeza’s injuries due to being troubled and throwing a rock across an intersection)

113 Now out of the dazzling sunshine, Leeza’s eyes take a moment to adjust. I selected this word because I find it ironic, During this scene Leeza was about to meet the dad that had abandoned her as a child, I thought it was interesting they would use such an optimistic word when this whole time Leeza has been nothing but pessimistic about meeting her father

123 And a backpack with an Iron Man decal on it I chose this word because I did not know what it meant This word is just describing the design imprinted on a little boys backpack who Reef finds himself relating to

138 Leeza pushes back from her desk and gets up, the twinge in her left leg fuelling with anger I chose this word because I feel it really describes Leeza’s anger Leeza was about to have an argument with her mother about Reef, her old lover, who also happened to be the one who caused her permanent injuries.

153 Pushing his way through the throng of reporters waiting outside the courtroom who clamour for his attention I chose this word because I thought it was an interesting way to say a large gathering of people. I have never actually heard that word used before. This is after Reef goes to court to argue his case about causing Leeza’s injuries, many reporters want to interview him because his foster father was well known