illustrator week 3

This is how i imagined Leeza’s reaction when she first saw her fathers face in the mall after years of his abandonment. Based on her thoughts and comments i assumed her face would look synical as well as serious.

word wizard week 3

Page Number Quotation Reason for selection How it is relevant to the story

104 But her mother had thrown him out seconds later, then turned and sneered The reason I selected this word was because it really describes how upset Leeza’s mother is This really shows how upset Leeza’s mother is that Reef almost ruined her daughter’s life. (Reef caused Leeza’s injuries due to being troubled and throwing a rock across an intersection)

113 Now out of the dazzling sunshine, Leeza’s eyes take a moment to adjust. I selected this word because I find it ironic, During this scene Leeza was about to meet the dad that had abandoned her as a child, I thought it was interesting they would use such an optimistic word when this whole time Leeza has been nothing but pessimistic about meeting her father

123 And a backpack with an Iron Man decal on it I chose this word because I did not know what it meant This word is just describing the design imprinted on a little boys backpack who Reef finds himself relating to

138 Leeza pushes back from her desk and gets up, the twinge in her left leg fuelling with anger I chose this word because I feel it really describes Leeza’s anger Leeza was about to have an argument with her mother about Reef, her old lover, who also happened to be the one who caused her permanent injuries.

153 Pushing his way through the throng of reporters waiting outside the courtroom who clamour for his attention I chose this word because I thought it was an interesting way to say a large gathering of people. I have never actually heard that word used before. This is after Reef goes to court to argue his case about causing Leeza’s injuries, many reporters want to interview him because his foster father was well known

connector week 4

Events from thebook Type of Connection Connection
As this flashes throughLeeza’s mind, she finds herself slowing, as though her feet know something her brain has yet to understand? Text to Self Leeza feels this way because she was urgently called down by her biological father (who newly showed up into her life after years of abandonment) to speak about an unknown topic. I believe she senses what is going to happen with her father which is why her feet slow down although her brain is determined to be there for her father. This has happened to me before where I am determined to get to a destination,however, I feel something bad is about to happen which is why I choose not to reach my destination.
But should any of it make a difference? She wonders. Hasn’t he told her he wants to get to know her, wants to make up for not being there all those years? Buying gifts for a brother doesn’t make that any less real. Does it? Text to World The first time Leeza met her father after years of abandonment was at a mall where he was buying children’s clothes for her half brother. She starts to question whether her father really meant what he said about wanting to make up for lost time. This is a common problem with parents who have abandoned their children and left home. I believe this is due to the lack of trust which is due to the former abandonment. This also commonly happens due to jealousy of the other half siblings. The abandoned children start to question themselves. They also begin to questionwhy the half sibling received the parent rather than themselves.
Frank’svoice in his head- people who respect themselves don’t need to put drugs or alcohol into their bodies to keep from feeling the things they can’t face.Reef scowls. He has no intention of not facing what he’s feeling. In fact, he plans on embracing it. The joint will just take the edge off, give him some more breathing room until he decides what he’s going to do. Text to Text I have seen many movies where this dilemma has been faced. This is a classic scene in a movie where a person does not know whether to ignore their conscious and try drugs (which deep down they know will not benefit them), or to say no and take charge of their health. The second option will usually sacrifice their immunity to the consequences they may face such as reprimandation from friends or unwanted feelings.

The Fifth Rule Summarizer-week 2

This weeks chapters were very interesting, it starts off where Reef is in Halifax. Reef goes to Zeus’s house with his friends, Zeus is an old friend of Reef’s, Reef also happens to see Leeza during this scene. Leeza was about to go for a run, Ree’s friends encourage him to say something to her but he refuses due to his restraining order against her and his guilt for the injuries he has caused her. After this Reef goes to his old social workers house, the social worker is named Greg Matheson.  Greg and Reef bond and Reef puts his Greg daughter to sleep, showing how close the relationship between the two are. Later that night Greg shows Reef that he is on the news. Reef sees the eulogy he gave at Franks funeral has been cut to make him look bad, it shows Reef’s intent is to hurt the people who caused Franks death. A high governing man used Reefs eulogy as a way to gain votes by saying he will cause higher punishment for troubled children who act in the manner that Reef did. During the end of this weeks chapter Leeza gets into a fight with her mom about how her mother isn’t understanding her and how she misses Reef. Her mother then shows Leeza the clip of Reef saying all these unkind things at Franks funeral. The chapter ends with Reef going to Carley, a doctor at the hospital he used to volunteer at during his time in community service. They briefly talk about Leeza and then the chapter ends on a cliffhanger where Carly questions why Reef is really at her house.

passage master week 1

“He wishes he could tell Sukrov how, although he liked the work and the growing balance in his bank account from the beginning, he hadn’t felt content his first few weeks out here. The guys who are in the construction crew are great but the ones who aren’t married are into the bar and brawl scene, and he was looking for more than that, something that would help ease the ache he still feels when he let his mind drift back to what happened two year ago in Nova Scotia. It was Frank who suggested he try filling his free time with the kind of work he’d done in Halifax a year ago.”

Although this is not significant to the story I found it to be an interesting and enlightening passage, it introduces Reefs character and what he believes in. Reef seems to have a troubled past that has allowed him to grow but not quite move on. In this passage it seems as though Reef dislikes tough guys who can get him into trouble, this may be due to his past experiences, which is vaguely mentioned here. Reef has clearly travelled quite a distance, as he says “what happened two years ago in Nova Scotia”. The story presently takes place in Calgary, this was thought provoking and pushed me to wonder what reasons may have made Reef want to move.

“Reef looks down at Greg Matheson who smiles with encouragement. “Some’ a you may remember seein’ in the news a couple years ago a story about a seventeen year old who threw a rock off an overpass into traffic. It caused an accident that nearly killed one’a drivers. She ended up in a coma for three weeks and then went through months of painful surgeries ’n’ rehabilitation learnin’ to walk again, learnin’ to do all the things the rest of us take for granted every day.” He takes a deep breath. “I was the guy who threw that rock.””

This is a crucial part of the story, it explains everything we have been reading about thus far. This passage discusses the extent of the women’s injuries and is a lens into the guilt that Reef feels for the accident. Reef senses an obligation to admit what he had done to the public even though he did not have to. The reason for Reef coming out about his past with Leeza and the rock was because he felt it was a form of respect to Frank. This is also very important passage because it connects the things that happened to Leeza with Reef tying the two characters together. This also shows exactly how troubled Reef was. Though Reef speaks about his past a lot he never goes into too much detail of what exactly he did up until this point. This passage also shows how much Reef has changed over time. Two years ago he was willing to take the life of a seventeen year old girl away without caring at all, now he can barely talk about it without choking up.

“She tries to force herself to be friendlier sometimes but even casual relationships seem unnatural to her now, like she’s learning the steps to a complicated dance and she’s always one beat behind. In conversation, she finds herself always asking people questions and, during their replies, thinking up something else to ask, afraid of a lull that might focus attention on her. She dislikes telling people what she really thinks, how she really feels. Brett is her only friend who sees through her, won’t let her get away with saying nothing, but even with her it isn’t easy. Like today.”

I feel as though this passage really introduces Leeza’s character. The accident which happened because of Reef not only physically wounded her but emotionally as well. I believe Reef was not only the perpetuator to her accident but a person she carried emotional relations with. Leeza must have been romantically interested in Reef because she mentions how much he understood her throughout the story and how heartbroken she is. I believe Leeza is finding it hard to move past the accident, she seems to still carry some resentment towards Reef. I think this is mostly due to the feelings she has for Reef. It would have been easier for her to move past her accident if she wasn’t so emotionally hurt.