The Fifth Rule Week #5: Summarizer

The 32nd chapters begin with Leeza, Bigger, and Jink arriving at the Halifax Public Garden. They were looking for Reef, who was previously there. The group did not have any look finding Reef. Leeza then notices a big hole in the ground, where a rock used to sit. Leeza concludes that Reef has a rock and is going to attack Roland Decker with it.

Chapter 33 shows Reef entering the elevator of Roland’s workplace. At first he did not know how to find Roland Decker. He then remembers him saying that he was a financial analyst for a firm. Reef then found that firm in the phone book. As he was going up the elevator, he kept thinking about beating Roland Decker up. He then goes into the washroom.

In the next chapter, Bigger receives a phone call from Matheson that says that North Hills isn’t going to be shut down. Leeza then realizes that doesn’t change a thing if Reef is going to go through with his plan of assaulting Decker. The three then hop into Jink’s car, but the car has trouble starting. Leeza then runs, leaving the two men in the car.

As Reef exits the bathroom he curses because he forgot his backpack in the garden. He then stands in front of the elevator patiently waiting, but the elevator is at the first floor. Reef then gets impatient and follows a map on foot.

In chapter 36, Leeza arrives at the building Reef and Decker are in. She is waiting for the elevators after one had just left without her. As she was waiting, she overheard a man tell a security guard that there was a male with a police record in the elevator. The man also told her that he was drunk and pissed. She then sprints towards the stairs hoping that isn’t too late.

Reef is walking up the stairs and the sound of his footsteps are reminding him of his Bigger and Jink, when they walk up the stairs. It reminded him of the abandoned hotel they used to hangout at to do drugs. Reef then reveals that the only reason why he enjoyed that view was because his grandmother would take him to the citadel across the street. The sound of his footsteps then reminds him of his grandfather who would scold him everyday.

After, Leeza is reminded of her physiotherapist as her legs start to burn from climbing the stairs. She is reminded because after the accident she was forced to start walking again. She kept remembering how Reef doesn’t go a day without thinking about her, and that motivated her to keep going.

In chapter 39, Reef finally arrives at Decker’s floor. He then asks a worker where Decker’s office was and finds out that it is the third door to the right. He then remembers being out with Bigger and Jink, jumping a guy named Rowdy Brewster, and him doing the right thing of calling the police and telling Frank about what he did. He remembers Frank telling him that he was proud of him. By remembering this, Reef was reminded of how he changed and his anger goes away. Suddenly, Decker comes out and provokes him into getting angry again. He then makes accusations which only made Reef more angrier. People started to come out of their offices to see what the noise was about. Reef was ready to swing. As Reef was on the verge of snapping, Leeza comes in and stops him.

In the last chapter, Reef and Leeza are having coffee at a Starbucks. They are holding hands and admiring each other like lovers. Leeza then thinks about how she acted on her pursuit. She says that she was different. Shen then remembers how Decker’s face looked as she proved him wrong and as all these reporters shoving microphones into his face. They then look into each others eyes and reintroduce themselves. They step outside the starbucks and share a kiss. After the kiss, Bigger and Jink come and pick them up.

The Fifth Rule Week #3: Passage Master

Passage Explanation/Significance
He sees the side door of the Connaught Avenue colonial open and Leeza appear wearing a tank top jeans and running shoes. He jerks back into the seat watching her hurry toward the detached garage. It shows that Reef still has extremely strong feelings for Leeza from the earlier chapters because of the way he flinches when he sees her. He is ready to see Leeza doesn’t think Leeza is ready to see.
The taxi driver take the next left and loops around the northbound lane. By the time they completed the turn, there’s no sign of Leeza, but the driver is undaunted. “we’ll catch her,” he says. The taxi driver he mentioned that he felt the girls from shy town so he understands what level did you and is willing to help me or maybe he wants more money.
Reef stands near the escalator now, watching the scene unfold across the food court from him, wishing you ask Brett one final question: is it Lisa seeing anyone? Because if she is. A man who, from here, looks to be in his late 20s. She had seem to stiffen as he approached her, hug her, but watching them sit the other now at the table across from you at fries, reef can clearly see they have feelings for each other. The man had held both her hands in his, his eyes never believing her face, and if she no offers and my smile that reef remembers only too well. That small had shown light into places that had been dark for too long, had move something inside him he thought was incapable of ever being moved again. The taxi driver he mentioned that he felt the girls from shy town so he understands what level did you and is willing to help me or maybe he wants more money.

The Fifth Rule Week #2: Connector

Event #1: Roland Decker using propaganda in the news to make Reef look bad.

Type of connection: Connection:
Text to World There is a lot of bias when the topic is about Islam and Isis. News reporters that work for Fox are telling us that most terrorist attacks are Muslim-related. Like the issue, the news cut and edited the video of Reef’s speech so that only bad things were said, when really there were only good thoughts.

Event #2: Leeza argues with her mom over the news and about being overprotective.

Type of connection: Connection:
Text to Self Even though Leeza has gone through so much that has made her mother overprotective, I can relate. My mom watches the news everyday and she see stories about how kids get kidnapped and whenever I have plans to go somewhere, she does not let me go. She thinks that the same thing will happen to me.

Event #3: Leeza answering the calls from the creeps.

Type of connection: Connection:
Text to Self Leeza in the book gets many calls from a “creep”. I can relate because before my parents learned to block numbers, we would get calls from telemarketers very often. It would get to frequent to the point where I would pick up and go along with them, but instead of being serious, I would be foolish and play dumb. This would entertain me for a while.

From reading the previous chapters, I can predict that the creep who called Leeza was Reef and they plan to meet up because Brett was advising him to call her. I can also add that Reef will end up being caught with Leeza by Roland because Roland seems to be after Reef.

The Fifth Rule Week 1: Summarizer

This book starts out in a very interesting manner. In Calgary, Reef Kennedy, a construction worker, has a meeting with a Russian mob boss named Sukorov. He insists that Sukorov and his men not to hassle the kids at Safe Haven Unitarian. He then challenges Sukorov with empty but clever threats and Sukorov backs off. In the next chapter, it introduces a character named Leeza. She had been woken up by a bad dream. In this same chapter, there is a bit of foreshadowing at the end mentioning that she knew that something in the universe had shifted. The focus then shifts back to Reef. He is at a funeral giving his eulogy for a man named Frank Colville. Frank was sort of a foster parent figure that ran North Hills and took in Reef and turned his life around, from a troubled kid to a hard working man. He then reveals that he was the person who threw a rock off a highway bridge causing a woman to crash and be hospitalized. That woman was named Leeza, as mentioned in chapter 2. After Reef was done with his eulogy, he met up with some old friends he knew at North Hill. They were Greg Matheson, Owen White, Keith Benjamin, Jimmy Franz, and Gordy Towers. Greg then offers Reef to stay at his place during the time he is in Calgary. Reef says to the rest that he has to go answer the interviewers questions outside the church they were in. Everything in the interview was under control until a critic named Rolan Decker started to get more aggressive and asked uncomfortable questions that provoked the crowd to ask more uncomfortable questions. Reef had enough and started to run as the crowd followed him. The focus then shifts over to Leeza sitting in her house. She has a conversation with her overprotective mom. After she goes out to sunbathe and think about the past and Reef, how he got her into the accident. Suddenly, a car pulls up and a voice told him to get in. Reef was relieved and got in. The people in the car were his friends Jink and Bigger. They conversed and then drove to the green house where Frank made Reef rebuild. That was when he was inspired to become a better person.