word wizard week 3

Page Number Quotation Reason for selection How it is relevant to the story

104 But her mother had thrown him out seconds later, then turned and sneered The reason I selected this word was because it really describes how upset Leeza’s mother is This really shows how upset Leeza’s mother is that Reef almost ruined her daughter’s life. (Reef caused Leeza’s injuries due to being troubled and throwing a rock across an intersection)

113 Now out of the dazzling sunshine, Leeza’s eyes take a moment to adjust. I selected this word because I find it ironic, During this scene Leeza was about to meet the dad that had abandoned her as a child, I thought it was interesting they would use such an optimistic word when this whole time Leeza has been nothing but pessimistic about meeting her father

123 And a backpack with an Iron Man decal on it I chose this word because I did not know what it meant This word is just describing the design imprinted on a little boys backpack who Reef finds himself relating to

138 Leeza pushes back from her desk and gets up, the twinge in her left leg fuelling with anger I chose this word because I feel it really describes Leeza’s anger Leeza was about to have an argument with her mother about Reef, her old lover, who also happened to be the one who caused her permanent injuries.

153 Pushing his way through the throng of reporters waiting outside the courtroom who clamour for his attention I chose this word because I thought it was an interesting way to say a large gathering of people. I have never actually heard that word used before. This is after Reef goes to court to argue his case about causing Leeza’s injuries, many reporters want to interview him because his foster father was well known

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