The Fifth Rule Summarizer-week 2

This weeks chapters were very interesting, it starts off where Reef is in Halifax. Reef goes to Zeus’s house with his friends, Zeus is an old friend of Reef’s, Reef also happens to see Leeza during this scene. Leeza was about to go for a run, Ree’s friends encourage him to say something to her but he refuses due to his restraining order against her and his guilt for the injuries he has caused her. After this Reef goes to his old social workers house, the social worker is named Greg Matheson.  Greg and Reef bond and Reef puts his Greg daughter to sleep, showing how close the relationship between the two are. Later that night Greg shows Reef that he is on the news. Reef sees the eulogy he gave at Franks funeral has been cut to make him look bad, it shows Reef’s intent is to hurt the people who caused Franks death. A high governing man used Reefs eulogy as a way to gain votes by saying he will cause higher punishment for troubled children who act in the manner that Reef did. During the end of this weeks chapter Leeza gets into a fight with her mom about how her mother isn’t understanding her and how she misses Reef. Her mother then shows Leeza the clip of Reef saying all these unkind things at Franks funeral. The chapter ends with Reef going to Carley, a doctor at the hospital he used to volunteer at during his time in community service. They briefly talk about Leeza and then the chapter ends on a cliffhanger where Carly questions why Reef is really at her house.

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