connector week 4

Events from thebook Type of Connection Connection
As this flashes throughLeeza’s mind, she finds herself slowing, as though her feet know something her brain has yet to understand? Text to Self Leeza feels this way because she was urgently called down by her biological father (who newly showed up into her life after years of abandonment) to speak about an unknown topic. I believe she senses what is going to happen with her father which is why her feet slow down although her brain is determined to be there for her father. This has happened to me before where I am determined to get to a destination,however, I feel something bad is about to happen which is why I choose not to reach my destination.
But should any of it make a difference? She wonders. Hasn’t he told her he wants to get to know her, wants to make up for not being there all those years? Buying gifts for a brother doesn’t make that any less real. Does it? Text to World The first time Leeza met her father after years of abandonment was at a mall where he was buying children’s clothes for her half brother. She starts to question whether her father really meant what he said about wanting to make up for lost time. This is a common problem with parents who have abandoned their children and left home. I believe this is due to the lack of trust which is due to the former abandonment. This also commonly happens due to jealousy of the other half siblings. The abandoned children start to question themselves. They also begin to questionwhy the half sibling received the parent rather than themselves.
Frank’svoice in his head- people who respect themselves don’t need to put drugs or alcohol into their bodies to keep from feeling the things they can’t face.Reef scowls. He has no intention of not facing what he’s feeling. In fact, he plans on embracing it. The joint will just take the edge off, give him some more breathing room until he decides what he’s going to do. Text to Text I have seen many movies where this dilemma has been faced. This is a classic scene in a movie where a person does not know whether to ignore their conscious and try drugs (which deep down they know will not benefit them), or to say no and take charge of their health. The second option will usually sacrifice their immunity to the consequences they may face such as reprimandation from friends or unwanted feelings.

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