Blogger of the Week Reflection *Culminating*

How often did you participate: I replied to all of the 4 comments containing a conversation starting point.


Discussion blog title(s) and author(s):


Please provide a rating for YOUR overall contributions to discussions: 4 out of 5.




  1. Is there some aspect of the topic, results, conclusions, or concepts for which you gained a deeper understanding of through the blog discussion? Was there some aspect of the posts you explored that you had not thought of or that you ‘learned’ about from the discussion? In other words, what aspect of the post was clarified or illuminated as a result of the blog discussion?


After my blog was presented to the class, the comments came from all over the community. One reply was about a teacher’s personal experience with her kids and vaccines. I learned that no matter what research i did, I could not come close to the feeling of being a new parent, and the pressure to do the right thing. I learned from the comments.


  1. Were there aspects of the discussions that led to more confusion for you compared to when you read the blog post alone? Was the confusion resolved through discussion? Please explain (make specific reference to the blogs involved ­ direct quotations may be appropriate ­ reference the author).


Some of the time, responses to my comments were confusing, and I was left wondering what the author really meant. For instance, I commented on Thomas’s post about Nuclear Throne asking if it could be related to the likes of pacman. He responded fairly quickly, but his response mentioned how it is not like pacman, but it is like pacman. I was moderately confused.




  1. Evaluate your role in the Blogger of the Week discussions, in particular please answer the following two questions: What did you do that was effective at contributing to the discussion(s)? Be specific (adding screenshots of your contributing or copying to your blog may be appropriate). What areas do you need improvement in?


I was interested in almost all of the posts presented in class, but I did not get around to actually commenting. I was always eager to speak about it in class as the presenter was being asked questions, simply because I like to talk a whole lot more than I like to type. I think that my ideas in class helped the author to think about things to add to the post in future updates.


  1. Can you think of a contribution from another student that stood out in your mind that helped move the discussion along or help the class to move to a deeper understanding of the material? What did the student do? (no need to mention names, just describe what the students did or said).


I definitely appreciated the way that some of my classmates handled bloggers that ranted. I was not impressed by any of the blogs that had little to no facts, and I hope they learn that their opinion isn’t always enough. My classmates tended to comment suggestions instead of calling the person out for their half-decent post.


  1. Do you have any recommendations to the class as a whole to improve class discussions? How are discussions different in an online space versus those held face­to­face? How are they similar?


I think that there was a ton more interrupting people in class discussions. Sometimes, someone would start to share their opinion, and a louder person would speak over them. Online, you would have to wait for a reply to come through, and two people can’t talk at the same time.


  1. What are your overall thoughts of the Blogger of the Week assignment? Do you have any suggestions for me moving forward to either: a) improve the assignment; or b) revise the structure, delivery, or scheduling of the assignment itself? Be specific as your opinions will be very helpful for me as I plan for future classes.


I think that the blogger of the week assignment was one of the better tasks this semester. Definitely more enjoyable than the abyss of Romeo and Juliet tasks. One thing that i would encourage, is for you as the teacher to comment to each and every one of your student’s blogs. I was waiting on your comment but I never got one.

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