The Fifth Rule Week #2: Word Wizard


Trent Arnold

Page # Word, Phrase, Or Passage Reason for Selecting Word, Phrase, Or Passage Why did the author select this word or phrase? What is the author trying to say? How does the diction help the author achieve his or her purpose?
74 My daughter is lying in a hospital bed with injuries to more than half of her body, and that animal was sentenced to be a volunteer! In a sentence where Leeza’s mother was very heated, she uses this word to describe a human being. I believe that the author wanted to add emphasis to the feelings that Leeza’s mother had towards Reef. The author wants the reader to see Reef as an animal, and to highlight his past as a delinquent.
78 “You knew this guy for a few weeks but you’re an expert on him.” Diane says, scorn tingeing her voice. I chose this word because it was not part of a sentence, but a phrase describing how a sentence was said. I think that the author used this word because it really helps to create a visualization of Leeza’s mother at the time. The author is trying to alter the emotion of the sentence from just sarcastic, to an angry tone.
90 Someone else’s good news is the last thing she can bear to hear right now. I chose this word because it helps summarize a very emotional scene. After a very emotional scene in the book, the author uses this word to summarize the feelings that Leeza had built up. The author shows that Leeza is so emotionally unstable that she cannot bear anyone else’s bad news.
93 It’s okay to be afraid. Fear is part of life. I chose this phrase because it is very meaningful. The author uses this phrase because Reef is afraid to see Leeza, and the fear is holding him back. Reef is thinking about this because he wants to call Leeza, but is too afraid to try.
 98 Reid came home talking a blue streak about you and the things you told his class. I chose this phrase because I initially did not know what it meant. The author wanted to create an image of Reid coming home from school and going on and on about what Reef said to the class. The term means to talk exitedly and rapidly, so Reid was obviously moved by the speech that Reef gave. This helped develop Reef as a character.

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