The Fifth Rule Week #2: Passage Master


Passage Explanation/Significance
  But it was too late. She is already moving toward them, and in three heartbeats she is beside the car and heading toward the sidewalk on Reef’s right. In that single moment, she is less than an arm’s reach from him, and he can almost hear her breathing as she passes. Does hear her breathing because his own has stopped. This passage is important because it confirmed that Reef is afraid of meeting and talking to Leeza. It got to the point where he stopped breathing because she was close to him, but it also tells us that he really misses and loves her. He got the courage to go to her house but he was wasn’t sure how she would have reacted if she met him.
  “Don’t talk to me about manipulation.” She pauses, takes another deep breath. “You’ve been controlling everything I’ve done since the accident.”

“That’s not true!”

“It is true.”

Leeza sees the wounded look on her mother’s face but she presses on. “I know you do it because you love me, but you treat me like a child. You watch my every move, tell me constantly what I should do, what I should wear. Today you even told me to watch out for cars when I cross the street!”

“Is it so wrong that I care what happens to you?”

This passage is very important in the way that I expected this to happen sometime soon when I read all the childish orders that Leeza’s mother gave her. This is also important in that Leeza lets of some steam by exploding and telling her mother everything she wanted to. Her mother has been extra careful and controlling after the accident 2 years ago and it was driving Leeza crazy.
  Wiping at sudden tears, Leeza gathers her books and stands, crossing in front of Jessica and the coffee guy to get to the door. “I’m sorry,” she mumbles to the professor as she hurries past him.  Someone else’s good news is the last thing she can bear to hear right now. This passage is important because it is a scene where Leeza is confused because she is sad that she fought with her mother, she isn’t sure if Reef has changed or has just betrayed her, and she is angry at her weak judgement of personality after thinking that Jessica is a slacker. She later found out that Jessica is just busy working because she needs money for her family. She was having a bad day all together and the stress from her courses made her even more emotional. She couldn’t hold back her tears and broke down in front of the class.

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