The Fifth Rule Week #2: Connector

Event #1: Roland Decker using propaganda in the news to make Reef look bad.

Type of connection: Connection:
Text to World There is a lot of bias when the topic is about Islam and Isis. News reporters that work for Fox are telling us that most terrorist attacks are Muslim-related. Like the issue, the news cut and edited the video of Reef’s speech so that only bad things were said, when really there were only good thoughts.

Event #2: Leeza argues with her mom over the news and about being overprotective.

Type of connection: Connection:
Text to Self Even though Leeza has gone through so much that has made her mother overprotective, I can relate. My mom watches the news everyday and she see stories about how kids get kidnapped and whenever I have plans to go somewhere, she does not let me go. She thinks that the same thing will happen to me.

Event #3: Leeza answering the calls from the creeps.

Type of connection: Connection:
Text to Self Leeza in the book gets many calls from a “creep”. I can relate because before my parents learned to block numbers, we would get calls from telemarketers very often. It would get to frequent to the point where I would pick up and go along with them, but instead of being serious, I would be foolish and play dumb. This would entertain me for a while.

From reading the previous chapters, I can predict that the creep who called Leeza was Reef and they plan to meet up because Brett was advising him to call her. I can also add that Reef will end up being caught with Leeza by Roland because Roland seems to be after Reef.

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