The Fifth Rule Week #1: Word Wizard


Page # Word, Phrase, Or Passage Reason for Selecting Word, Phrase, Or Passage Why did the author select this word or phrase? What is the author trying to say? How does the diction help the author achieve his or her purpose?
1 He wonders about the person on the other end of the of those cameras, wonders what it must be like to spend all day scrutinizing everyone who enters and leaves. I chose this word because its a really powerful word in a powerful sentence. When I read this sentence I stopped to find its meaning and it really got me thinking. To show that Reef is agitated at the fact that Mr. Sukorov is an evil guy and is being super careful not to get caught. The author is trying express that Sukorov’s guard is examining each and every person carefully. The word helps the author because it is a word with alot of meaning and is exactly what the author was looking for.
13 Yes, they’d fought–what sisters didn’t?–but they were best friends, had loved each other unconditionally, always had each other’s backs. I chose this word because is has a deep and intense meaning. To show how much Leeza loves Ellen, her deceased sister. The author is trying is trying to get through the message that Leeza loves and misses Ellen no matter what happens. It helps the author the word is very powerful and meaningful. The author was telling us the degree of sisterly love between Leeza and Ellen.
15 But the words were meaningless now. I chose this word because it helps construct a very emotional scene. To tell that Reef had to speak from his heart. The word is very meaningful and strong. He is trying to tell us that if Reef doesn’t speak from his heart, he won’t impact the people before him. It helps him explain that the speech that Reef had prepared had no meaning compared to who Frank really was.
17 I was the guy that threw the rock. I chose this passage because it is the first time Reef admits his mistake to the press and public. To show us that the press didn’t reveal that before, since he was a minor. The author is trying to tell us that Reef admits his mistakes and is a changed person. It helps the author let Reef make an important statement in simple words.
 17 Tears well up again and he struggles to hold them backs as he continues to speak, I chose this passage because it is a very emotional part of the book. To show that Reef loves Frank very much and is very sad, but he doesn’t want to show it. He is trying to tell us that Reef is afraid of breaking down in front of the people at the funeral. It helps him because it is very simple and descriptive. It also shows us what Reef is feeling on the inside.

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