The Fifth Rule Week #1: The Connector

Name: Trent Arnold

Book: The Fifth Rule

Pages: 1-54

The Connector

Event #1: Reef is getting patted down at the door to Sukorov’s apartment.


Type of connection: Connection:
Text to self Even though I have never been in a situation as serious as reef’s, I can relate to the feeling of being searched. When I was in Ottawa this winter I visited the parliament buildings. Similar to the way Reef was greeted, I was met at the door by very large security guards and had to walk through an “airport like” metal detector followed by a pat down. I had nothing to hide but the fact that I had to be searched made me somewhat uncomfortable.


Event #2: Reef speaks at Frank’s funeral.


Type of connection: Connection:
Text to text When reading this scene it reminded me of the movie Happy Gilmore, because Happy’s mentor Chubbs died in a tragedy and also impacted Happy’s life. Chubbs was not only his golf coach, but was his friend and mentor. I imagine that Frank influenced Reef’s life in a similar way.


Event #3: Leeza thinks about her father, and explains how he has abandoned his family.


Type of connection: Connection:
Text to world Divorce affects children and young adults across the world, and Leeza’s situation is no different. With her father out of the picture she is left with only a mother. While her mother does her best to care for Leeza, she is seen as overprotective by Leeza. Her father did not even attend his daughter’s funeral (Leeza’s sister) and this upset Leeza and caused her to dislike her father.

With the first eight chapters behind us, we can predict what might happen in the future. Since our book is split between two points of view, we can make a prediction for both Leeza and Reef.

For Reef, I think that we will see him encounter Sukorov again. The book left the thought of the mobster and shifted to Frank. In the pages including Sukorov, there was a lot of tension between him and Reef, and I think that that is a sign of what’s to come.

For Leeza, it’s hard to predict what might happen next, but I assume that Reef and Leeza’s paths will cross in the near future. Leeza talked for a while about how Reef was the cause of her injuries, but how he was also one of the people who helped her the most during the tough times.

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