The Fifth Rule Week 1: Summarizer

This book starts out in a very interesting manner. In Calgary, Reef Kennedy, a construction worker, has a meeting with a Russian mob boss named Sukorov. He insists that Sukorov and his men not to hassle the kids at Safe Haven Unitarian. He then challenges Sukorov with empty but clever threats and Sukorov backs off. In the next chapter, it introduces a character named Leeza. She had been woken up by a bad dream. In this same chapter, there is a bit of foreshadowing at the end mentioning that she knew that something in the universe had shifted. The focus then shifts back to Reef. He is at a funeral giving his eulogy for a man named Frank Colville. Frank was sort of a foster parent figure that ran North Hills and took in Reef and turned his life around, from a troubled kid to a hard working man. He then reveals that he was the person who threw a rock off a highway bridge causing a woman to crash and be hospitalized. That woman was named Leeza, as mentioned in chapter 2. After Reef was done with his eulogy, he met up with some old friends he knew at North Hill. They were Greg Matheson, Owen White, Keith Benjamin, Jimmy Franz, and Gordy Towers. Greg then offers Reef to stay at his place during the time he is in Calgary. Reef says to the rest that he has to go answer the interviewers questions outside the church they were in. Everything in the interview was under control until a critic named Rolan Decker started to get more aggressive and asked uncomfortable questions that provoked the crowd to ask more uncomfortable questions. Reef had enough and started to run as the crowd followed him. The focus then shifts over to Leeza sitting in her house. She has a conversation with her overprotective mom. After she goes out to sunbathe and think about the past and Reef, how he got her into the accident. Suddenly, a car pulls up and a voice told him to get in. Reef was relieved and got in. The people in the car were his friends Jink and Bigger. They conversed and then drove to the green house where Frank made Reef rebuild. That was when he was inspired to become a better person.

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